About Us

Mister Taxi arose from the idea of structuring and modifying the mobility of the individual to such an extent that the mobility not only meets the customer’s daily requirements but also leaves a lasting impression of what really matters in this service sector – the satisfied customer. True to this motto, the demands we place on ourselves are very high. Pursuant to our company philosophy, we can draw on numerous years of experience of our trained professional technicians, which is embodied in all divisions of our company.

En Route with our "green fleet"

There has been an increased public awareness with respect to environment in recent years. We welcome this development, as pollutant emissions affect both the environment and people in metropolitan areas like the Ruhr area.

We actively act to counter the effect of emissions by ensuring that our car fleet is exclusively comprised of new vehicles that are equipped with liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and the latest diesel technology.

We thus make our contribution to active environmental protection.

...for the sake of the environment!